Bats II, the blog continues...

We have bats, I've posted about the bats before. I don't mind the bats, they don't scare me. I am not afraid that they will attact me and suck my blood, or that they will get caught up in my 2ft high bouffant hairdo. I HATE the bat poop. We have a large covered terraza, they like to swoop in on one open side thats high,
then soar down to the pool for a dip and circle back through.
The walls are splattered, the furniture cushions are splattered, the table tops are splattered; And that shit just won't wash off.

Friends who also have bats found that putting up strings of stencil banners stopped theirs. Other friends leave lights on and that stops theirs. We bought the machine that emits the high pitch sound that repels, bats, vermin, and mosquito. Others say leaving the fans running deters theirs.

We've sat out in the evening with friends, laughing, talking, fans running, lights on, sonic sound machine silently emitting ultra high frequency bat deterrent sound...and yep, bats circling above our heads. So for us - lights 0, bats 1 - fans 0, bats 2 - sound machine 0, bats 3. On to the next bat deterrent.

We stopped last week as Casa Borges on Calle 66, sorry can't remember the cross streets. They sell costuming; already made costumes, pieces, parts, forms, and supplies for costume making, a very cool store. They also sell the plastic stencil strings of banners. They have a variety of color options. A string of 10 banners costs 45pesos - we bought 4 - we have a large terraza.

Don't the banners look lovely!

So last night we are sitting further out on the patio (not under the covered terraza) watching a fabulous lightening show going on. We were also checking lighting; Tom installed a new patio light. So there we sit, new patio light, pool lights, terraza lights, fans, banners flapping, and bats, lots n lots of bats. We have several kinds - the big fruit bats that suck my oranges dry, and eat the fruits off my and my neighbors fruit trees, little tiny ones that I can't identify, and some also unidentified medium size ones. banners = 0, bats = 4. Yep, bats just flew under the banners, didn't seem to bother them at all.

So, this is the high open space where they come in, then just make a half turn and you can see where they dip down into the pool, then around and up again. It's like a roller coaster ride I guess!

We've heard a red light will stop them, sure wish we could find a red light bulb.