Restaurant Review - Namaste Grill, Merida

There are freshly painted brightly colored walls and new wooden furniture.
There were brightly colored paintings on the walls,

There were brightly colored indian fabrics draped above entry ways,
big fans kept the interior comfy and the air moving.
Light Indian music playing in the background would have been nice, or too cliche do you think?

there were people we knew,

people we didn't know. 

People lined up waiting for seats to clear

The food offerings were limited, but good, actually quite good.

Unfortunately, because the owners were a bit rushed we didn't get a chance to visit, to ask about the other items currently on the menu, about what new offerings might be forthcoming, who they were, where were they from...

 We'll go back for sure.

We were a group of 8, we arrived early, about 7:10 and we were asked if we could come back about 8pm as they weren't quite set up and ready.

Just found out from Nancy that the posted hours are Wednesday - Saturday 6pm - 11pm
No problem,  we went just up the street, had a beer, chatted, and returned.

Along with the delivery of our drinks were plates of veggies sticks with a light yogurt sauce.
 Sorry, they disappeared before I even thought to get thhe camera out.

and all but 1 of us ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala

The Chicken was tender, flavorful, slightly spicy, and worth the wait.  I would have liked a bit more sauce with mine to mix in with the rice.  The rice was light, fluffy, ACTUAL basmati rice and flavored with whole cloves.  
Also served were bowls of fresh light yogurt sauce that really accompanied the flavor of the chicken well.

the other order at our table was Saag Paneer

the spinach was fresh, not over cooked, the cheese or paneer was crumbled throughout the spinach which was lightly sauced and spiced, really good.

Overall I think the opening night was successful, they need to post their operating hours. The wait staff was attentive, and efficient.  There was a bit of a rushiness about the kitchen, but since the dishes are pre-prepared types perhaps it was just the timing to have everything ready at the appointed time.

Namaste Grill is at the corner of calles 47 y 58 in Centro, Merida