Update from casa Kuhn

I've been under the weather the past few days - I seem to have caught Tom's cold - he'll pay for that later!

It's just about over, just a bit of chest and nasal congestion left - OK, OK, Too much information!

And then there have been car problems - On Saturday, I picked up a friend to go to the Women's Club meeting - on the drive to the meeting I commented to her about an odd previously unnoticed knocking, then on the way to return her home, an overpowering smell of burning rubber.  By the time I got home there was something serious going on.  The water reservoir cracked.  It had gone dry, and I was burning up the engine.  Fortunately we have a friend leaving for the States and returning in a week.  So we've ordered a replacement reservoir and Tom is glueing this one back together on a daily basis to get us to Spanish class and back.   Other than that we are at home or walking, or busing; gee just like most of the other residents of Merida!   We could have ordered a replacement from Mexico City and it would have taken about the same amount of time and cost more, so Thank Goodness for friends and family with large luggage!

This is just a shot I took this summer in my neighborhood!

We had a few days of really pleasant weather, daily afternoon showers, ah heavan. 
Now it's dry again and HOT AND HUMID!

Here's another neighborhood shot!

The garden is growing, like crazy growing. 
Good Grief - The compost heap is so high, but underneath there is lovely rich loamy soil,  ummmmmmm!

A friend went to Nepal this past summer, he climbed Everest.  He brought us back these prayer flags!

My mom is coming in October for her first visit so I'm busy trying to find fun things to do!

Tech is plagued by a nearly constant rash in varying degrees of intensity and discomfort.  The vet says it's an allergy and to give her Benadryl.   That does not work.  I've been trying all sorts of concoctions; a mayan curative for hongos, a mexican lotion called Silk-Yic, I've made my own curative and calming essential oil blends, I've tried cremes of natural botanicals, and am now trying Lotrimin.   If anyone has any suggestion - the rash is under her front leg armpits, and across her lower abdomen - bright cherry red at times, bumpy, she licks and licks, and you can see she sometimes just bolts trying to get away from the itch.   We've eradicated a few plant species that are known to be irritants from the garden, but can't eliminate everything.  She stayed for 3 days at a friends and was without rash when she came home, so I'm sure it's in the garden, but am at a loss...anyone want a puppy!

The cats are doing well; Matt is 24 and getting a bit more wobbly, he sometimes just wanders around like he's lost or confused.   Tatie, who is now 14 seems to be getting more in need of attention, he wants more lovin, no problem there.

Parakeets aer fine, they love lettuce and corn on the cob.  Alfonse the Betta is beautiful and appreciates a little attention as well.  He dances and struts when you come peek in his tank.

Well that's about it for casa Kuhn - it's all good Boo!