Bugs and Beasties Beware!

It was a Wild week in the sanctuary.

After my mom departed (I started out calling her 'the momster' and then thought Oh some might equate that to monster and think I was being mean or negative. And really I was was thinking it in an affectionate way. How odd) Anyway, after she left on Wednesday morning it was back to business as usual.

Gaby, the lovely woman who comes every Wednesday and helps, actually does most of the housekeeping was here. And for some reason we decided to move all the stuff in the pantry, you know fridge, well fridges, yes we have 2, wine cooler, storage bins, etc. Underneath one storage rack in a pile of dust bunnies we found a black scorpion.

No, not this one.

I didn't think to take a photo, which I really should have cause Tom killed it with his pink flyswatter.

Then next thing you know there goes a mouse and the hunt is on. Tom with pink flyswatter, me with the broom, and Gaby with the dustpan. We even brought the puppy in and she let us know exactly where it was, she is truely ruthless.

Let's just say - we were victorious and the house is currently free of 1 scorpion and 1 mouse. Oh and the bodega is missing 2 rats. We are ruthless hunters of little creatures. Oh and one large cockroach drowned in the pool.

Bugs and Beasties Beware, we have a pink flyswatter and we are after you!