She came, She shopped, She toured, She left

I just dropped my mom at the airport for her return to the USofA.  She'd been here a week.

Unfortunately I told her it would be cool in October and it wasn't - well except for the last 2 days.

She was visiting us from North Carolina where it is probably equally as hot and humid However up there in the good ole USofA a majority live in A/C, drive in A/C, and everywhere you go is A/C. 
Sadly, for our visitors, we only have A/C in the bedrooms.

Without regard for the heat I believe we kept ourselves engaged and entertained. 
We were busy quite a bit but as she has mobility issues it was a bit of a challenge to find things to do that don't require significant walking, and/or stairs. 
 I think we found a variety of amusements, we even found a drive-by ruin so she could see some Mayan ruins.   

Xcambo has ruins right along side the road and parking area. 
So it was good to be able to pull up and she could get a peek at a bit of maya history.  

We saw FLOCKS of flamingos,

we went to the symphony, we ate out,  a lot!

we visited museums and the Municipal Office where they have the most incredible mural paintings depicting the history and struggle of the Yucatan

we drove the ruta de los conventos,

She  met a great many of our friends as we had two evenings of entertainment at home planned.

 We saw the beaches at both Telchac and Progresso,

We got to see some traditional dancing.
She tried panucho's but was not impressed with our local favorite!
She is actually the first person I know of that didn't like a panucho,  but then she also proclaimed our FAVORITE torta de cochinita, just OK? egads! que horror!

We bought some pots in Ticul for my patio, then had lunch under a huge rain storm where the weather cooled off nicely.

And we shopped; oh she is a shopper, I must have missed that gene!

Fortunately two separate fairs passed through SantaAnna.

She was also able to find the perfect gift for Techie,
 who by the way I think is what convinced her to visit Mexico.

and then of course there were some of the unusual street scenes

In spite of the heat I think she enjoyed her visit.  We enjoyed having her here, It's always fun to show people what we love so much about this place; the art, the cultural activities, the sights, the beach, the people.

I must say I'm glad to have a day to rest, I was getting plumb tuckered out!  But oh wait, the gardener and housekeeper are here today.  Maybe I'll rest tomorrow!   But wait, tomorrow we've got a doctor appointment, school, an art auction, and something that I just can't remember at the moment, maybe Friday, but wait....oh my gosh there is just no rest for the wicked!