June 8, 1974

Tom and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this past June.

At our wedding, my uncle, who had a video camera took some footage of the event. At some point in the deep dark past this reel of 8mm film surfaced and was presented to us. We had never seen the footage. And up until this past July (2009) still had never seen it.

Quite a few years ago we gave the reel of fragile film to a friend who owns a production/film business. He didn't have an 8mm projector at that time but any reason to get something new, or in this case old is and was an adventure for him. After a bit of research and investigation he acquired a projector. The film had become quite brittle, and broke constantly as he tried to work with it. But being the awesome and incredible technical specialist that he is he managed to create a dvd version of the pieced together contents of that old reel. This past July he presented us with several copies of this momentous occasion.

I present here for your viewing pleasure - Tom and Debi's Wedding, June 8, 1974.

It's not great, but worth a chuckle, or reminiscience or two!

A special thanks must be extended to friends Pam and Gary who were, and are Best Man and Matron of Honor, as well as awesome friends!