All good things must come to an end....


Well in this case -  after the debacle 2 weeks ago where I neglected to put the carafe in the coffee pot before actually starting the coffee and leaving the house...  
Tom, who for whatever unknown reason on earth  likes to use the carafe to hold the soapy water when he washes dishes rather than the blue plastic bin I purchased specifically for the purpose of washing dishes, breaks the carafe.  Three years we used that coffee maker in the USofA, and now four years in Mexico.  It served well, and has now been replaced with this little beauty.

The old coffeemaker was a free gift when you purchased a pound or two of coffee from Gevalia, 
here it is without it's carafe, on its way out to the street, yes, we looked for a replacement carafe

 this new gem was QUITE a bit more expensive.  Check it out - No Carafe required!

You measure the water and pour what you need into the back, put your filter and grounds into a removable bit and push the 'on' button.  When brewing terminates or you can wait no longer, you press your cup up to the gray horizontal bar and coffee is dispensed.  The coffee is held in a removable piece that keeps it hotter, and fresher longer than did the old pot, which is seriously cool since I tend to be up about 2 hours before Tom.

Here you can see the coffee reservoir separated from the base

Ah, Life is Good!