Donating blood here in Mérida

I'm not sure about the rest of Mexico,
but here in Mérida in order to donate blood
the following guidelines are made:

· You must present official identification

· You must be less than 65 years old

· You need to be taller than 1.55 meters or 5 feet 1 inch

· You must not weigh less than 60 Kgs or 132 pounds

· You cannot be menstruating, pregnant or lactating

· You cannot have had an abortion within the previous 6 months

· You cannot have had any alcoholic beverages or medicines in the past 24 hours

· You need to have eaten within the 12 hours previous to giving blood

· You cannot have had any reparatory or gastrointestinal infections within the previous 2 weeks

· You cannot have had any vaccinations in the last 2 month

· If you have had or have any of the following you cannot give blood:

    • Syphilis,
    • Hepatitis B or C,
    • HIV,
    • Malaria,
    • Chagas, (a tropical parasitic disease caused by the flagellate protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi)
    • Brucella

Traditionally, here in Mexico a blood bank deposit is made to offset medical charges and to ensure a sufficient blood supply.  If you are anticipating a surgical procedure that will require blood you can donate in advance.  Family and friends can also donate, in your name to offset your bill, or in general for the general welfare.

I have yet to donate blood, but once I do I will definitly report back.