Mammography costs experiences

People are always asking us about the cost of medical stuff here.

So for the Women folks keep reading, Men folks, go away!

I go nearly yearly for a GYN exam and PAP smear, and I also get an annual mammography.   I did this in the States, and I do it here.   In the States it was a 30usd copay, oh and don't forget to count the nearly 300 dollars per month that was deducted from my paycheck to provide medical coverage for Tom and me.

So I went recently for my GYN exam and PAP Smear.  Dr exam 500pesos, PAP smear 120pesos.   I see a female Dra with good english.   I could get a cheaper price with a different doctor, but she was a personal recommendation, and I like her.  Her offices are now in Star Medica.

I also just went for my mammography. 

My past 3 mammos were done at Centro Radiologico, calle 33 x 52 y 54 #492D, Centro.   I've been well pleased with the services rendered.  However, this year, as I was leaving my dra's office I stopped in at the reception area in Star Medica and got their prices for the studies recommended.   Then I stopped at Centro Radiologico and got comparison prices.

In the States I got an annual mammo, here I get an annual mammo AND ultrasound of mammos.

Because I had cancer and a subsequent partial hysterectomy back in 1991 I am now also getting ultrasounds of the Ovary/Vaginal region every 2 years.   This is only happening since I got here to Mexico, these studies were never rcommended in the States.

So this year my tests were:
(code - CR=Centro Radiologica, SM=Star Medica)

Traditional Mammography (3 views)  and UltraSound of mammos   - CR 1590pesos, SM 1250pesos
Ultrasound of ovaries and endovaginal   - CR 1331pesos,  SM 805pesos

I had the tests done this year at Star Medica.  Machinary is all the same - mammography technician at CR was a little easier, although the tech at SM made a valiant effort; I'm 5'7", she wasn't even 5" so there was a little issue there.  The ultrasound doctors were equivalent, both are men, each was calm and I never felt uneasy or uncomfortable.  The dr at SM asked me to bring in my past mammos and ultrasounds so the radiologist could do a comparison for his report.  This is the first request.  I normally take ALL past reports and current to my GYN and she checks them and reads the reports and then we talk about the results...