2009 Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil

So we went to the State Fair again this year.   It was a good time,  it's always about the same but I enjoy the wandering around.  It seems like it's the same stuff each year, and the same animals, and the same food stands, and the same rides, and the same....But I enjoy it anyway.

I can't say I saw anything new or outstanding.  I bought a new cazuela (terracotta cooking pot), some Tiger Balm pomade. We shared a burra, which is a huge tortilla wrapped around beans, mushrooms and chicken, very tasty and to that I had the biggest beer ever, it must have been a litre styrofoam cup with lots of ice and limon, yummy!

I do enjoy the sights, so here are a few!

Buying Entry Tickets!

La Nevera

Stuff to buy

Stuff to ride

Stuff to see