Restaurant Review - Restaurant Beijing, Merida

Oh what I do for you, my readers.  

Since so many people have told us about it, and raved about it; We went to today to the Restaurant Beijing.  

We've been meaning to go for a little while yet, but just haven't made it.  Well, friend Kevin is in town, and leaves in a few days - so today was probably our last opportunity to spend a little time one on one, well OK, two on one!  So after brief discussion, and since he had heard some very favorable reviews and wanted to go as well it was a slam dunk opportunity.

Located on the West side of Montejo, between 33 y 35 #465

There is a huge parking area in  the back which is a serious bonus as parking along Montejo is nearly non-existent. 
The lot is covered in grava, and has lots of large trees for shade.  It is quite long and narrow so if packed could get tricky.

The entrance from the parking area is incredibly un-impressive which seems odd since you'd expect people to use the parking area and enter through there.   However, as we approaced a hostess was there immediately, held the door for us and warmly greeted us in to the restaurant.

Inside, as is typical for a re-use of one of the big old colonial homes on Montejo are lots of arched opening, and super high ceillings.  The place has had a facelift, it has a lovely yellow and white paint theme, oriental prints, and plants set into oriental pots,  white table clothes, and ruffled cushions on the wooden chairs.  There are 3 separated but open dining rooms.

We got there about 20 after 1, I know, a bit early for lunch...  It worked out well as there was only one other table occupied at that moment so  was able to take some pictures.

The buffet is in it's own separate room

With the buffet you get any item on the buffet AND a refillable soft drink which can be soda, juice, tea, lemonade, or a single beer, and dessert.

There is also currently running a Take Out Special at 35 pesos, You get rice, noodles, a vegetable selection and a meat selection.

So for you my dear friends I tried absolutely everything on the buffet.  I LOVED the soup and the springrolls.  The sprouts dish and celery/almond dish were my favorite veggie dishes, and there is a pork with peanuts and poblanos that was just Super Uber yummy. 
As stated earlier, all the dishes were good.  If it weren't for my need to report to you I could have made a meal of soup and spring rolls.

The service was very friendly and quick.  All the buffet items were fresh and crispy, not overcooked.

The restaurant was fresh light and clean; even the bathrooms, open, spacious, pretty, and clean.

We'll definitly be going back!