Empty Nest Syndrome

Remember the kittens left on our door?   Click here to review the story  The black one found a new home the next day, but we had the little black and white one for almost 2 weeks; we were definitely getting used to her, and oh my gosh how much adorableness can you stand with a teeny tiny little ferocious kitten.?  She found a new home with friends,  she was originally on a test run to be sure the dog could/would accept her.  Well word has it they've gone kitten accessories shopping, and I know the dog is doing just fine so I think it's a done deal.

Friday we took Techie in to the vet for blood work,  today we took her back and left her, with great reluctance and trepidation; She's getting 'spayed' today.  Oh my gosh, I can't even express how we are both reacting, I think we'd have each preferred that one of us were staying rather than that dog.  We left her about  9:30 and surgery is scheduled for 11:30.  The vet plans to keep her tonight and wants to keep her tomorrow -  To be sure that she's not having pain....what about us!!!!!

I'm not sure we can handle it!!  We're here with two old cats, that we love, but that are pretty much furry lumps on the couch, or the chair, or underfoot...   We miss the patter of stampeding puppy feet.....