There's a new kid on the block

When we purchased our house, about 3 1/2 years ago we really hadn't had time to understand neighborhood dynamics here in Merida.  We bought in an old section of town where  people still sit out front at night, there are small tiendas from which you buy your sodas and snacks,  carnicerias to buy your meat, pollerias to buy chicken or turkey, and a few small stands with very basic fruit and vegetable offerings, small cocina economicas for your meals, neighborhood churches, and tortillas delivered to your door.  It's a very 'old' neighborhood.

We've lusted after gyms, coffeeshops, restaurants, a market with other than manchego cheese;  things slightly more 'upscale'.

Well the neighborhood she is a changin!  And there is a new kid on the block!

There are now 2 gym within 3 blocks of my house, 2 cyber coffee cafes within 3 blocks, there is a Maxi Carne which is a carnicera (butchershop) that actually has refrigerated cases, meat cutters with gloves, hairnets, clean aprons, with prices posted, and a cash register.  More veggie vendors are now closeby, a fruiteria is now in the mercado, more fresh fruit n veggie vendors are within just a block or two and now we have a Super Willys.  

Yep, a Super Willys, right there on calle 70 por 75y77

 It's like a regular small little grocery store.  Canned goods, cleaning supplies, deli counter, eggs, bread....