Purpura Plastika

There is a group of talented and caring artists and friends here who have created and nurture a non-profit cultural organization, "Purpura Plastika", which brings art to the disadvantaged here in Merida. Formed in 2006 these talented young artists believe that art can improve a person's quality of life.

Purpura Plastika (PPK) has created and offer a series of programs that promote artistic development and cultural education, called Art for Society. PPK continues to search for the underprivileged and to use art as a means for expression and for therapy. This past summer, several workshops were held on prevention of family violence in Merida parks. Ages varied from 7 years to 90 and participants came from local homes near the parks. About 150 paintings of "something joyful" were produced by these "new artists". Additionally plans for the new year are underway and one of the target groups for art expression may be older, local people suffering with dementia.

The current Amor y Vida workshop, which began in October is still underway and the children are learning about collages. In addition to art expression, they are learning cooperation, how to respect their instructors, how to respect each other, and how to honor their classroom as a special place for creativity.

Friday, 11 December at Galeria Maya (Calle 72 near 51 in Santiago), 7pm
The exhibition theme is "ART FOR SOCIETY… THE ART OF HELPING".

This exhibition and art sale is of a Maya theme from the children of the Salvation Army orphanage. As well as earlier paintings from the kids of Amor y Vida.
As usual proceeds go to fund more art supplies for the children.

The young artists who founded and dedicate themselves to this project often use their own money to pay for the art supplies needed, and push aside their own artistic expression, and therby their personal income in order to realize their dream. I know several of these young artists and they are so incredibly gifted and giving. Truely they posess humanitarian spirit.

Visit Purpura Plastika's website for more info, and to see some of their personal art work as well; look specifically for Alberto Varela, and Iván Baltazar.
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Link to Flickr photos

Here are two of the 'kids' paintings that we have purchased

Here are our paintings by two of the talented artists

These two paintings are by Alberto Varela

and this one is by Ivan Baltizar