Slow Food Merida

Here in Merida there is a group of people organizing an interest in 'Slow Food'.  They are a part of an International movement towards more naturally grown and raised food.  You can get a general idea of what they are doing here

This group has started a Slow Food Market that is available weekly.  Today was the 2nd Slow Food Market.  I had intended to go last week after my dental appt;  unfortunately I was in no fit state after 2 hours of digging and drilling and sucking and biting.  It was a rough dental appt.

Anyway, I went this morning to the market - it was a nice event with a variety of offerings; breads, eggs, dips, fruits, veggies, honey, fresh tofu and soymilk, mermelades, pates, etc.

I bought a few things but found the prices to be a bit high, especially on the things that were made.  A quart of pickles was 75mxp, a small container of blended sauces and or dips for 40+mxp  - part of the problem for me is so many of the prepared things are/were things that I make regularly at home.  So for someone that doesn't prepare things the prices are probably just fine!

Anyway, here are some pictures at the market this morning

The entry to the property -

approaching the 'sales veranda' 


and here aer some of the goods for sale



and some of the crowd


and on the property are some goats

with these goats shouldn't there be goat cheese?