Ballet Nacional de Cuba performs Don Quijote in Merida

Tom and I had the opportunity to watch the Ballet Nacional de Cuba perform don Quijote last Friday night.

The ballet had been being performed at Teatro Peon Contreras but we had not attended.   The Ayuntamiento/Government organized/allowed  2 nights of performances to be held in front of the Catedral de San Ildefonso free of charge;  So we decided to go.

Friday night was perfect, it was cool, there was a light breeze, the sky was clear...the crowd was immense, over 8000 reported by the newspaper.  There was a large stage, with scenery erected in front of the catherdral, AND there were projection screens placed in a variety of locations around the park, which was truely fabulous as there were way too many people in attendance for the amount of seating that ws available. 

To get seating someone would have had to arrive 2 hours earrly and save seats for your party, although a number of people were permitted through to apparently reserved seating well after the performance had started.   Tom and I got there 15 minutes before curtain and so were standing at the rear of the crowd but in front of the stage.  As we are both tall, comparatively speaking, we were able to see fairly well, and as standing still  is often problematic for my back it was fabulous to be able to walk around a bit but still see the performance thanks to the huge projection screens.    Although the view of the performance seeing the stage was far superior to that of the screens.  One quirk to our viewing was a large tree that bisected the stage, so we had great views of stage left and stage right, however center stage was a problem.

I took some photos, however the quality is really poor.   The photographers from the Diario, with their far better equipment, and freedom to be right at the stage did a much better job, you can see their photos by following this link to ballet photos on Diario$0$4254073&img=1467003

Here you can see the stage still being prepped, and some of the crowd.

Opening of the ballet, yep, see that tree

Here you can see one of the large projection screens off to the left of the stage.  calle 61 was closed and there were hundreds of people watching this screen.