Eddie leaves Dzitya for the Big City life of Merida

 few weeks ago we were having a lovely lunch in Dzitya with friends.  Upon our return to Merida we discovered Eddie had managed to stow away.  He was, it seems, tired of life in placid, tranquil Dziya and wanted a taste of City life.

We decided to try and show Eddie a good time while here, 
and then return Eddie to Dzitya where he belongs!

So here is a quick pictography of Eddie's time with us - He went home yesterday.  
It was fun, we enjoyed the visit, but are so relieved he is now home safe and sound!

 One day Tom and Eddie went out drinking.  
You know, just the boys, 
don't be jealous Geo!

 Unfortunately Eddie drank a bit too much!  And had to lean on a fence for a bit.


 Eddie called for a cab

 But then hailed this trici taxi to take them home

Another day we all went to the park

Eddie enjoyed the carnival rides


and the playground

Here I am with Eddie on the seesaw.

Another day Eddie played softball with some kids on the block. 

Here he is sliding in to home base.

We also took a drive out to a Pueblo, but Eddie must have eaten something that disagreed with him,  we had to stop for coke to settle his stomach.


Eddie liked our cat Tate,  but Tate wasn't quite taken with him.

And of course Eddie spent some time laying around the pool.

Eddie likes to read in bed
and sleep in late!

Overall it was a good visit.
Thanks Sally for letting him visit and not being too worried!
And again, Thanks for lunch it really was lovely!