Another kitten needs a home!

Friend Nancy took in a kitten.

She can't keep it but wants to get it off the mean streets.

It's been to the vet and they think its maybe 3-5 weeks old, male, and in fairly good condition.

He hasn't been away from mom long and so is just learning to suck up wet mushy food, and to drink from a water bowl. He uses the litter box.

He still has blue eyes and doesn't see distinctly yet, just shapes and light and dark.

Check out his pretty markings 

He is small, as you can see,
here he is in a 2 cup measuring cup

He loves to be held and to get ear rubs
(or as we say, Umoks)

Please, if you've been thinking about adding some love to your life consider this little trinket, he's adorable!

Contact Nancy at

local Merida landline 285-2244
local Telcel celular 999-146-1842

or a US number that rings here in Merida 503-533-5884