Exit Stage Left

Friday, April 28, 2010

Such an odd expression that has come to mean "Out of here...".

And they are!

Since so many keep inquiring -----

This past Saturday I took the kittens to a neighborhood vet who said he could place them.  I hate this, this not knowing... I feel no better than those who abandoned them to the street...  If I had been able to place them where I knew they'd be cared for I'd feel so much better, but I couldn't keep them.  But three weeks and no prospects in sight.  I was/did get too attached to one in particular, and was fast becoming enamored by a second...

Our youngest cat Tate, at 14 years old was so incredibly unhappy and 3 kittens have him so stressed that we had to call the vet today and we suspect his bladder is having difficulty but won't know for sure till some tests can be run.  He was in so much pain he had to have a painkiller shot.

Oh my gosh, I am so past devastated at the moment...Please let them go someplace safe, nurturing, and where they will be loved.