I need blinders, or a cold cold heart!

So we were having friends over for some dinner and cards last night, which was great fun by the way, and I needed a few very specific items.  So I get in the car to head to the store, and what do my wandering eyes behold but a pair of tiny little kittens hovering in a corner on a street of facades and no route in to or out of a yard.  Someone had dumped 2 undernourished and dehydrated 5 week old kittens.

So here are the two I picked up yesterday

So now I am in desperate need to find homes for three 5-6 week old kittens; the one we've had here for 2 weeks (read about him here) who is totally family friendly, loves our dog, plays with well actually terrorizes our two older cats, and uses the litter box.

And here are some pics of the three of them playing

The kittens have been bathed, and are eating well. They use the litter box.  I think they are still a bit young for much else as far as worming or flea repellent treatments.

I am going to have to start wearing blinders whenever I go out, because in some cases I just can't walk on by.

Please if you know of anyone looking for a kitten.