Dame mi multa

So the other day Tom and I both had some errands to run, he had farther to go so took the car.  I walked to the Super aka grocery store and was going to get the trici taxi back home.

You can read a past post about my local Super, and Enrique here!

After my shopping I went to the exit where the tricis wait and saw my guy, Enrique, pulling away.  He also spotted me and called over a fellow, pointed to me and said some words then left.  The 'fellow', tuned out to be his dad, who said for me to wait inside the store where it was a/c'd and Enrique would be right back.  How cool is this!

Well I decided to check if Tom was still out and about to remind him to pick up a bag of ice, we are really going through ice right now.

Tom indicated he was already at home and had not picked up ice.  He said for me to buy a bag and he'd be right over to pick me and the groceries, AND the ice right up. 

I did some splainin to dad, and went in and bought ice; then proceeded to the parking lot exit to wait for Tom. 

It was taking an inordinant amount of time, we only live about 8 blocks from the Super.   Next thing I know, as I am standing in a puddle of melted icewater, here comes Tom walking across the parking lot.  Oh Shit!

Well, seems Tom got pulled over by two cops who told him he hadn't respected a cross walk and had to pay them 1500mxp in fine.  Tom in his best bad spanish explained he didn't really understand what they were talking about but that his wife was waiting fo him and she spoke some spanish and that he was gonna go get her.  As he starts walking away, they started getting excited, but he explained he would be back and his car was sitting right there!

So he gets me and as we are pushing our cart over to where the car and cops are, leaving a water trail as  we go he explains what has happened.

As we approach the car the two cops, who are monitoring a crosswalk approach and start explaining.  They are telling me how Tom drove through a crosswalk where there were little kids crossing. 
Well b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t,
We all know Tom wouldn't be so stupid as to pull through a crosswalk IF there were people in it.  I explained that Tom had said he approached the crosswalk slowly and seeing no one he pulled thhrough and turned into he parking lot.  It went back and forth, them saying he did, us saying he didn't.  They pulled out their copy of the driving regs, point out the violations and the number of salarios that are the fine (here a fine/multa is indicated by the number of salarios, salarios being whatever is the current minimum wage), they pointed again to the regs he violated, I said he didn't they said he did, yadda, yadam, yadda. 

Finally I say "Dame un Ticket".  They look at each other, look at me, and I repeat "Dame un ticket, una multa". 

Then they start saying they are giving a warning, not a multa.  OK FINE!! Whatever!  Tom tells me the one cop wrote 1500 on his palm and indicated to him that he had to pay the amount to them for the fine. 

I opted to not ask about that,  said Thank you, promised to be very careful in the future, and off we went, with our partial bag of ice!! 

Life is good!