Tatie update, and more kittens!

May 8, 2010

Tatie's tests came back as kidney failure.  He has been on antibiotics and painkillers all week.  He was also supposed to be eating a very expensive 'Special' Renal kibble.  He won't touch the kibble so we are feeding him kitten kibble.

He now needs to be tested again to  see if there has been any change in the kidney function results. Although from what we've read on the internet once the problem has escalated to the point of noticing it's usually to far along to affect any demonstrative change.  So, the pain meds are keeping him comfortable. 

Two more kittens found their way in to our yard.  These two were maybe 10 weeks old;  And quite docile.  I gave one a bath and it screamed bloody murder, which upset Tatie tremendously so I didn't wash the other.  But even after that -  the bathed one still let me hold it, turn it upside down, rub his belly, scratch his chin, etc.

The kittens went to AFAD, an Animal Rescue yesterday.  Fostering kittens is just too stressful for Tatie right now.  I feel like he needs a calm environment.

Lots of events, but the heat, actually its the humidity, is just too much.  We have been using the a/c every night.  We try just the fans, but even in the hammocks you end up in a puddle of sweat.  Life is too short, so we turn on the a/c.  Usually running about 5 hours will keep us comfy the whole night, well into morning actually.

I have recovered from my gastrointestinal thing.  At least I feel good, who knows what's really going on in there!

So all is well in the hood.  A few construction projects taking form in my mind.  Tom spread a new layer of Impermabilizante (sealer) over the roof.   Garden is growing like gangbusters.  What the heck does that mean anyway?   GangBusters!