nos han contado (we've been counted)

I started to Title this post nosotros también which means us too!  And then refer back to friend Jonna's blog on the same subject .  I'm still going to refer you to her blog to see what we're talking about!

But then I like her title so much I just decided to use it too!   She pretty much says everything there is to say on the experience, except my Census person was a guy, and I gave him a glass of cold water to drink while we sat on the front entry patio to conduct the interview..

However, I will say I was quite proud of myself being able to carry the entire conversation, and even ask questions to his questions completely in Spanish, heck he even complemented me on my Spanish.  I was quite puffed up!

So here is our door with the sticker, which he said I can remove in about a month.  And then a closeup of the sticker.