Korean Cooking 101

Tom and I were in Houston recently; Tom was taking care of his annual VA requirement.

We also did some shopping, and eating, ok lots of eating,  AND we were staying with and catching up with friends Walter and Suk. 

Suk, being Korean, and an excellent cook had offered to teach me to make a few things. So one evening I had my Korean cooking lesson.  We decided to make bul go gi  for dinner, what with it being one of Tom's favorites.

In order to prepare the meal we had to go to the Korean market.  We had many oriental markets in Colorado Springs, but nothing like the market Suk took me to.  If I lived in Houston, it would have to be near this market.

Back to the cooking lesson - We started by making cucumber kimchi with those lovely crunchy fingerling cucumbers.

We made the marinade for the bul go gi, then coated each slice of paper thin beef with marinade, cover and let rest for several hours.

Thank goodness we were able to purchase already prepared so many of the side dishes that accompany Koren feasting.

Just look at all these tasty treats - it would take us days to make all this stuff....

Suk has a fabulous slow/rice cooker, so with rice  in the cooker,
lettuce cleaned and drained, table set with lots of side dishes and sauces,
table top grill waiting for the marinated meat,
we enjoyed a lovely La Crema pinot noir before dinner.

Just look at this fabulous table

the meat is cooking...

With dinner we had a Veuve Clicquot champagne -
champagne goes perfectly with Korean food -
who knew?, well Suk knew!

and then there was dessert, 
we had dark chocolate covered pomegranate candies
to accompany the after dinner 2007 Dow's vintage Port.

It was a fabulous evening!

Thank you Walter and Suk!!!!!