Travel Time; New Orleans and Houston

Just spent 3 days in New Orleans - What a great place for a short vacation.  It's been probably 8 years since we were last there, we used to go frequently;   Although I can't believe how expensive things have become;    And they really nickel and dime you for every little thing - Our hotel wanted 12.95 a day for wifi, AND they charged us 1.25 to make a phone call to a local restaurant for a reservation.,  a different restaurant added a 1.50 surcharge for oysters on a dish that was supposed to come with oysters because they claim oysters are so hard to get right now...Ridiculous!

We hooked up with friends passing through from Florida to Colorado; it was great to see them and have a short visit.

I was trying to find a cool photo to take to represent New Orleans, but N.O. is so many things.  We didn't see much Hurricane damage but then we were only in French Quarter, CBD (Central Business District), and Garden District.  A man on a trolley tour told us if we wanted to see the damage we should go to the 9th Ward; we didn't.

It was really so strange, tall buildings, vistas, vehicles that stopped to let you cross the street, English being spoken everywhere, iced tea, the variety and volume of food choices, the frigid air conditioning, fresh brewed coffee, wonderful chewy flavorful bread...

We are now in Houston,  oh my gosh, this place is huge, mammoth.  We only ever pass through the airport.  We ran to a Wal-mart tonight to get stuff to make a salad, so many ethnicities, so many languages,  I love it!

Can't wait to experience more of the richness of this culturally diverse city!