tis the season, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa........

The season is upon us,
well actually the Seasons, multiple, are upon us...

The Rainy Season, took a while to get here but it's here!   We are getting spotty afternoon rains which is great, it cools things off, but it brings the mosquitos; ergo it is also mosquito season. 

Mosquito Season requires much diligence, screens in good epair, keep doors ad windows shut, mosquito repellent, ... My current choice for mosquito repellent, other tthan the dryer sheets stuck though the string in my hammock is a light cologne sold here locallly called 'Flor de Naranja'  pleasant smell and seems to be doing the job!   I filled an old hairspray bottle and just spritz myself all over.

Hurricane Season is also upon us; June 1 through November 30, mas or menos!  The NOAA webpage is one of my computer home pages during this particular season.

La Temporada, July 1 through August 30, this is when everyone (that can) relocates to the beach.  What also really shocked me, and I only found this out just days ago, guess it's because I don't 'do' nightclubs, the nightclubs here in Merida pack up and open up shop on the beaches of Progresso.  Who knew?

Schools out!  Schools are closing for the summer, on varied schedules, depending on level, etc.  I don't really know for how long, cuz I don't keep up with kid stuff, so there will be kids out everywhere...especially late at night up at the park.

It's also Travel Season; those that can travel!  We're off soon for a few days to connect with friends in New Orleans,  then to Houston for some more friend face time!

We're going to try to do more travelling - I want to see more of Mexico, and Tom wants to see more of the World!  Hmmm, should be interesting!