Evolución Albergue y Santuario need our help

The Good Folks at Evolución Albergue y Santuario Dog Shelter here in Merida have been tossed a new challenge. 
Read this most recent request for help directly from Jill


Dear Friends of Evolucion,

Today we literally received a "bucket of puppies" at the shelter (see attached photos). They were born within hours of coming to the shelter - they all still have their umbilical cords. The local police brought them to us and they did not know the status of the mother.

There are 7 of them and I currently have them at my house for home care, but it would be great if someone would be willing to help out. They are cute as can be, but I promise if you take this on, you will get no sleep. They need round the clock care for the first week - with feedings every 3 hours. If you are interested in taking on a couple of these guys, or, even better, if you know of a female that has recently has pups and may nurse these little guys, please let me know.

Thanks so much!!!

Jill Benson
snjbenson at yahoo dot com

Evolución, Albergue y Santuario




What these babies really need is for several lactating moms to each take a few, if any of you know off any or have one, please contact Jill.