we have a barn owl in our garden

One of my neighbors has 2 large Ramon trees in his yard.  Ramons are very large, very thick limbed, and heavy with leaves and nut/seeds trees.   He yearly has the trees 'trimmed'; meaning he hires a couple guys with machetes and saws to climb the trees and thin them out.  He does this in early hurricane season; presumably to help prevent breakage in case of extreme wind.

This year the 'cutters' took two very large trunks from high up and in the center of the tree.  I believe one of these trunks had housed a barn owl.           Why do I think this - Well, about the time all this cutting was going on (July 22) we suddenly spied a large barn owl in a tall tree in our yard.  The owl looked to be in distress the first day I saw it, but now seems quite content and healthy.

I check on the owl several times a day, it's always there in the treetop

We've been experiencing quite a bit of rain and quite gusty winds.  Yesterday we were having a particularly gusty blow and I went to check on the owl, it was up there, just going with the flow, up - down - left - right... at one point it switched it's position to be head on to the wind.

This first photo is as taken, no modifications, the others are blow ups of the same photo!

The owl is very attentive when we walk out, it watches us, especially the dog; who is just a bit to big to become a snack.