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Reviewed: G&G Restaurante - Carnes
Posted On 07/27/2010 13:30:24 by NewYorkChef
My review this week is for a brand new steak house that has recently opened up. It is located on a side street in Fracc. Malaga in Col. Chuburna. The place is called “G & G Restaurante - Carnes.“ It is owned and operated by a father and son team, Gonzalo Caceres Sr & Gonzalo Caceres Jr. The place is down a street that you would never drive down unless you were looking for it: A side street just two traffic lights past Costco driving south on Calle 60, make a right onto Calle 21.

The restaurant is easy to find. It is painted white with yellow stripes, and there is plenty of shaded parking. G & G Restaurante is new and small, and when the word gets out, it will get very busy, so go visit now.  

As you enter, you will notice outstanding photography on the walls, done by Gonzalos Sr´s Father. The place is air conditioned and very refreshing. One of the things I look for are the seats and tables, and they hit it right on with that, nice comfortable seats and tables with their design under glass.    

We have eaten here four times now, so this review is going to cover the four visits. As you enter, you will be greeted by Gonzalo Sr. and he gives you a very warm welcome. Then, your waiter, by the name of Rodolfo, will bring you some homemade tortilla chips with 3 different types of salsas. The restaurant is brand new, with all new tables, chairs and décor. The restrooms have got to be some of the cleanest I have ever seen in Mexico. The kitchen is spotless, and you can see the chef cooking away at his grill.

Gonzalo owns a cattle ranch out in the country, and raises his very own beef for his restaurant, so you know you are getting fresh meat.

On our first visit two weeks ago, we started with appetizers, so we ordered the Cesar salad, Chorizo Argentino, Chistorra, BBQ Ribs, Beef Brisket, Guacamole and Queso Funidio.

Our appetizers arrived within a short time, and we were off. The Chistorra was delicious and cooked to perfection with that fantastic charbroiled flavor.

The Chorizo Argentino has red wine in it, and we both agreed it was not very good; they need to remove the red wine, it gives it a funny sour taste.

The Ribs are tender, and served with 3 different types of sauces on the side, mango, plum, and BBQ. It would be nice if the sauce was cooked into the meat, so you get that delicious caramelization found in BBQ ribs, and we also found that the ribs could be a little less smoky.

The Brisket was very good, slow cooked and melts in your mouth.

The Queso Funidio with flour tortillas was delicious and nice and hot.

The guacamole is very good, and they give you a very good portion, with chips, and I don´t like guacamole, but this one I will eat.   As we eat our lunch, Rodolfo, our very attentive waiter, made sure we were enjoying our food, and if we needed anything.

For our main course we ordered G & G´s Arracheras for 2 persons you get 500 gr of meat with steak fries and coleslaw for $150.00 mxp

The Arracheras meat is very tender and with a very nice taste, with a nice hint of a charbroiled flavor. The steak fries are very good, hot and crispy.

We also ordered the Caesar salad, with G & G´s homemade croutons. The Salad is chopped, and Caesar salad should be never chopped, it should be large bit size leaves not small, and when it is chopped up in such small pieces, it is hard to keep on your fork. The croutons are delicious and they serve you extra cheese on the side, very good, and the salad was nice and cold.

The next time we went we went there for their 2 Hamburgers with French Fries for only $50.00 mxp. Yes, two hamburgers for only $50.00 mxp! What a deal!

The Hamburgers are handmade from G&G´s very own beef, and then charbroiled. You may want to order a side of fries, since they only give you a small amount with your burger.

So, two people can eat a very inexpensive lunch when you order the 2 Hamburgers and Fries for $50.00 mxp and if you get the iced tea (delicious) you get free refills.
If you get the Iced Tea or Horchata, they come with free refills, but sodas are by the can with no refills.

We went back this week, and I had the New York Strip cooked medium rare, and my wife had the Sirloin cooked medium. Let me tell you that is some tender steaks, and they melt in your mouth, and Cristy´s Sirloin, was so tender that she could cut with a fork, wow, it was so good. It comes with steak fries and a roasted whole onion, with grated cheese on top, and that too was very good.

I also had the Queso Funidio, I just love cheese.

For desert, we had a ricotta chocolate pie that was to die for, man that was good.

We met Barbara at G & G´s a very good friend of ours there, and in Merida you always seem to run into your friends. We know that she is a vegetarian, and I asked her what she could possibly order there. She showed me a very large Caesar salad, with lots of tomatoes, carrot shavings, and homemade croutons. Barbara did not have the croutons on her salad, she always orders this BIG SALAD there, so I suggested calling it “ The Barbara Salad” so if you’re a vegetarian, and want a nice large salad, or you just want a large salad, tell Gonzalo that you would like the Barbara Salad, but ask for the croutons.

Our average bill is about $500.00 mxp for two.

It is worth your time to try this new steak house. It is a friendly place, clean, cool a/c, and has great food. And they take credit cards... a plus in my book.

I give G & G Restaurante - Carnes  4 Chef Hats out of 4.

1:00pm to 7:00pm
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed Mondays

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Calle 21 No. 375 x 60 Fracc. Malaga, Merida
Tom and I have visited the restaurant twice since reading NewYorkChef's review, each time with a different set of friends.  
On whole, we all agree the food is good,  the service of Rodolfo is exceptional, in fact at times a bit too attentive.  The meat is fresh and tasty, unfortunately the cut of the cuts is erratic; it was explained that they cut all meat by hand, no machines.  Additionally, the cooking is not quite right; seems to me the grilling surface is not hot enough so that you don't get that good sear on the outside of the meat. The salads are really good, and the roasted onion with it's cooking liquor/sauce/gravy is exceptional.  The chimichurri is tasty, however the oil used is a bit heavy.  The tortillas and tostados are fabulous.   
As sr Caceres Sr explained to us the meat is all from his ranch in Tizimin, and the animals are all corn fed and butchering takes place when the animals are about 14months of age.
G & G does not yet have their liquor license but are expecting it any day.
Overall I'd give it a 3 1/2 stars.  They are inquisitive as to what we, extranjeros want, and seems they are willing to incorporate those requests into their daily plan.
Definitely worth a try,
the roasted onion,  delicious
OK, and as best as I can remember, these are correctly named
the new york
the arrachera
the rib eye
the sirloin