La Señora de la Asunción (Our Lady of the Assumption)

I've posted before about the multi-day festival La Asuncion that happens yearly at  our local iglesia de San Sebastian.

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I don't like to re-post/re-write about recurring events to much but I thought I'd sort of break a rule; although I'm not really posting about the event, just sharing a video taken by a local fellow Erich whose new site In the Yucatan has some pretty interesting stuff; mostly in video form.

Anyway,  he was at the event one of the evenings I was there with a small group of amigos,  as we were standing outside the field, watching the torrito spewing fire, mayhem, injury, and possible death one of the projectiles did in fact come straight at our little crowd. It passed through the wire fence, hit several of us, or could have been us hitting each other what with all the jumping, and flailing...We jumped, we screamed, we laughed and damn it we were down right acting like locals. 

Now Erich didn't catch this on his video, but you can see what I mean...Not for the faint of heart!!!