I just love saying it, and I love the way it sounds - poopies!

In Spanish a U has the sound of the American English OO (as in moon, soon, croon).  So puppies, said by a Spanish speaker comes out sounding like poopies!.

poopies, poopies, poopies!

One of the things I've recently become involved in is a group called 'Yucatan Ayuda Para Animales' (YAPA).

Our Mission Statement -  
Yucatan Ayuda Para Animales (YAPA) of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico is a support and resource group established to aid the Merida animal shelters AFAD, Evolucion and House of Brat Cats with their work concerning the stray, abused, and abandoned dog and cat population here in the Yucatan.
We assist the shelters with specific short term problems, needs or projects including the following:  foster care, fundraising and donations, spay/neuter clinics, education and general volunteer services.
YAPA is not an extension of the shelters; Although we can help facilitate your pet adoption and can offer assistance with a rescue.

We currently are offering our services to Evolución Albergue y Santuario Dog Shelter, La Casa de los Gatos Malcriados, and Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido AC (AFAD).

In addition to my YAPA involvement I am also volunteering at evolucion to help with maintenance and cleaning up of the sanctuario, and to offer much needed attention to the dogs housed there. With over 100 dogs, there is a lot of needed for attention, socialization, training, and dog walking; so if you find yourself so inclined come on down and rub a belly, take a dog or two for a walk, or help build shelves, scoop poop, or whatever else needs doing...

YAPA is also organizing a Spay and Neuter Clinic for cats to be held in September,

AND Tom and I are currently fostering 2 puppies.

Meet      Netira                                 and                                         

These two pups were abandoned outside the santuario evolucion a few weeks ago at about 5 weeks of age.  They were to young to get the vaccines vital to their health in this type of communal environment (possibility of many communicable diseases).

They are now nearly old enough to get their inoculations and return to the shelter - 

please don't let them

someone please adopt one or both of these babies.  They are ready to go now, they have been undergoing all their worming, building up their immunity, B12 to fight the anemia, they eat well on their own, are learning their names, and are just so loving and attentive. They will be able to start their vaccines next week.

They are seriously adorable, just look at what I'm talkin about

how can you not want to touch that!

Look at this, just after snapping this shot she grabbed a chunk of plant and did two laps around my feet.

no words needed, just simply adorable!

just look at that chest, so pretty!