Purpura Plastika

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Purpura Plastika,(PPK) was created by a group of young artists with the intention of teaching Expressive Awareness through Art to children, women and older adults in special situations.  All suffering from some form of disability, terminal illness, violence, neglect, or other kind of abuse.

Created under the premise that art is in and of itself a natural therapy, and realizing that art is capable of transforming the quality of a persons life.  These workshops seek to serve as a channel for transformation, through the use of cerebral gymnastics, art therapy, music therapy, breathing exercises, group meditation, self awareness and improvement, and other techniques that assist in liberating the stress and to nurture in an ideal way creativity   The participants use techniques directed to achieving an emotional catharsis, they learn to take control of their emotions, making them tangible, giving them the ability to express them in a graphical way.  This ability to take control of and express ones emotions allows them to own their experiences and to transmute these experiences and harmful feelings into controlled emotions allowing for personal growth and improvement.

As the holidays approach, and as you prepare for your trips to Merida, remember this amazing project.  Go to their website, pick up some of the art supplies listed toss them in to your bag.   

There are also ways to donate money on their webpage.  Although PPK receives some grants and assistance it is the artists themselves, and the volunteers that provide the bulk of the funding required to keep this project going.

If you live here in Merida or stay here for several months at a time there aer other ways you can help; participate in a workshop, help with advertising or project management, help a child understand a colorwheel.  Contact one of the artists listed on the webpage, see what you can do!

Also, if you access the PPK webpage and then go to the Library you will find art by the artists themselves.  You can continue to support the project by buying artist work as well. 

And remember to check in on their events for the ability to purchase the kids art.  

If you go to my previous post on PPK you'll see examples of pieces we've purchased both from kids, and from 2 of the artists.

I think you'll find this to be a fulfilling adventure!