Costume Bicentennial Party

The Bicentennial Costume Party was Wednesday evening.  9pm start time.  I of course waited till the VERY last minute so we were a bit late getting there!

It was a lovely party, lots of friends in attendance, 3-piece band, dancing, pinata, snacks, midnight meal, etc

Our Host directive was to be

 IN COSTUME… Come dressed as anyone
       from Mexico’s past 200 years of history, entertainment, politics or…

the costumes were quite good!
We had don Miguel Hidalgo - with his groom

  don Miguel greeting the freedom fighters

 there were quite a few Adelitas

La Angel de la Independencia

a few luchadores showed up 

There were a  few Frieda's and of course Diego was in their attendance,  how could he stay away with so many beauties...

There was some fancy two-steppin going on


There was only one María de la Concepción Josefa Ortiz Magón de Domínguez in attendance

unfortunately she was on the move most of the evening doing what she did, passing messages, setting up assignations, and unifying the people for the great battle to come.  Therefore there is no foto of her costume, which I am told was quite good.