An update on some medical expenses

Many of you are concerned about medical expenses here in Merida.  And as I have just completed my annual gyn stuff - I will share with you the prices. 
This is pretty much just going to be reciting the test or procedure and the cost. 
So step away from the computer if this doesn't interest you!

OK - gyn visit and exam, 500   YES ALL prices will be in pesos
pap smear lab expense, 150
mammography and sonogram of breasts including axilas (armpits), I do like the way axilas sounds so much better than armpits! This is a package price for the two studies so I can't give you one or the other, 1502.

Because of my past with cancer I now alternate - one year a sonograph of the pelvic region, one year cancer markers checked through blood work.  This year was blood work, so to have a CA 125 was 669, and CA 15.3 was 669, which are ovaries and breasts respectively.

And just for general grins and giggles I get some extra bloodwork done, and a urine test as well.
general exam of urine, 75
the blood chemestry with cholesterol and triglycerides, 376 - this test included glucose, urea, uric nitrogen, creatina, and uric acid as well.

And then there was the Biometria Hematica test, 111.  I'm not sure what all this stuff is, and my spanish to english translation will not be accurate...
oh hell, I'm not typing all this stuff in - hemoglobin,  a bunch of xxxocites (eritrocitos), platelets, plaquetes, hemacrits, linfocites, leucocites,.... there are about 25 things listed.

All these tests were performed at Star Medica which is one of the newer medical facilities here in Merida.  With our Health Insurance policy we get discounts on Hospital Services.  With my particular policy I can't actually be admitted to Star Medica but I can get the discount on the tests and lab services.
My gyn, dra Catalina Aldana has her office there, in the consultorio wing, so it's quite handy.  For the blood and urine work I can just step up to the counter show them the sheet from the dr with what is needed and get it drawn right then and there with results back at 5 if you have the blood drawn early (I was drawn at 12:30), else the next day.  For the mammo and sonograph I did call ahead and make the appointment.

So just about 4000pesos and a succesful 19th year free of cancer woohoo!

Did you know there is a vaccine that prevents, YES PREVENTS, your daughters from getting Cervical Cancer? 
Don't mess around with their lives, get them the vaccine!