No Coffee, No Workee

It's official, I think I'm addicted!

Yesterday we were out of coffee. 

Big deal!

It was! 

 I thought about coffee all day but couldn't seem to pull it together enough to either run to the Super for coffee grounds, or to go the 2 blocks to the quickie Super for a cup of their coffee.

I tried to accomplish any number of things but could only concentrate on easy, minimal resource required tasks!  Even some of those were more than I could do - so I had a nice long nap!


Last evening on the way to a friends it was imperative to stop for a bag of coffee; I bought TWO!

Today, Joy of Joys! Coffee, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was in bliss, my big ass honkin Starbucks mug, filled to the brim travelled with me all around the house doing this, doing that, out to the garden, doing this, doing that.

That first cup of coffee lasted me up till lunch time!   About 1pm I decided it was time to fix something - today is the day the housekeeper comes and I try to make something a little special, and different than the stuff she's used to.  She's very adventurous about food, only a few times have I made something she preferred not to finish, and one of those times I wouldn't eat it either; blech, it was a new recipe using the leaves of a plant growing outside the back door....hojas de santos, or something like that.  Pretty to look at, lovely to smell when rustled, but DO NOT eat it!


Lamentably this morning a tragedy of unspeakable proportions occurred. My favorite coffee mug broke itself in the sink. Now trust it's not that the mug is/was from Starbucks that made it special, nor was it that it was a gift from our real estate agent when we sold our house in Colorado. It's specialness came from the fact that it held nearly 2 1/2 cups (18oz) of coffee. I could fill this baby up and still be working on it two hours later.

Oh I'm gonna miss that cup, and No, before you ask - it is not repairable.  It was in the sink and the big chef knife I was using slid off the counter and the hilt hit right into the bottom of the cup and took the bottom out in 3 large pieces.  Maybe I'll make it into a planter?????

This is, hiccup, was my mug, only with brown trim instead of red! 

I'm searching the internet for a suitable replacement,  this one might work!

Oh the tragedy, the horror - tomorrow a 'guest' mug!