Coffee Mug followup

From my previous post Jonna reminded me that we actually have Starbucks stores here in Merida.  I knew that but just forgot having never gone to one here in Merida.

Well after the tragic loss of my super swell Starbucks mug I decided a trip to a local Starbucks was in order.  Now we do have several coffee mugs here, but they just aren't right for an everyday mug.

So the Starbucks just outside Gran Plaza has a whole case with lots of different mugs, none of them could even come close to what I was after.  So after much touching, lifting, holding, caressing I've decided to not get another mug but to just use what we have here.  They are small maybe only 10-12 ounces, but they'll do.

It's just not special!  It's not mine!

* note to Calypso - it isn't important to keep it hot, just to keep it close! I drink my coffee hot, warm, cool, and cold!