The Legendary Yucatones rock Mérida

Last night we went with friends Mimi and Jonna to a small cafe* in Centro to see and hear The Legendary Yucatones.  The Yucatones** are two gringos, I'm pretty sure Gary is American, but don't know if Dan is American or Canadian.  Anyway, when in town at the same time, which seems to be less and less often these days, they perform as 'The Legendary Yucatones'.

*El Hoyo doesn't have its own web presence
but if you Google El Hoyo Merida, you get lots of hits;
 its listed as a venue for alternaive music??
** Likewise the Legendary Yucatones do not have a web presence,
they do however have a facebook presence, link to fb here

So last night was great fun, lots of people turned out and packed the small El Hoyo space; there was much laughing, listening, visiting, singing, and even a beer or two!

Jonna posted a great piece on the evening, so I link you to her blog for now to read about the event, then you can return here for a few photos!

here you see  some of the crowd

Tom and Jonna enjoying themselves

The Legendary Yucatones