to Blog or not to Blog - and a surprise, Impulso Universitario

Oh my gosh - I've got so many ideas and pictures for posts!  I just can''t seem to make myself sit down and do them.  Now don't get me wrong, I am spending plenty of time on the computer, a bit to much time as a matter of fact!
I'm just not blogging!    And it seems many of my favorite bloggers have slowed down on their blogging as well.

So is there a point when interesting topics, or interest itself drops off?  I actually enjoy the blogging, I think about it quite a bit; I take photos thinking "oh, this will be good for the blog".

I sometimes blog about mundane daily stuff, but I don't want that to be my focus.  I am involved in a number of things, and we do quite a bit of stuff...but should I write about all that?   I don't know.  How many times do you want to see my orchids blooming, or know that I went out to dinner with friends last night before going to an art auction that supports scholarships for kids.  You've heard about Impulso Universitario from me before.

Actually I guess I haven't blogged Impulso Universitario; I just searched for posts so I could link them - GADSZOOKS!

Impulso Universitario assists promising students with great family support but limited family financial means; they match these students up with local schools, offer scholarships, get discount tuition, and also offer aid with housing. They do require each student to attend and understand their civic commitments. This is like Leadership training, giving back to ones community.  It's a fabulous program that we have been proud to support for 4 years now.

Their biggest annual public fundraiser is a art auction.  Local artists donate art to a silent auction.  The evening of the event is hosted and includes presentations and thanks from the students, acknowledgments of supporters, wine, sodas, bocadillos, and of course all the current students are there and are so proud and will easily chat and tell you about their studies.  The art is displayed and bidcards are there where bids are made, you register and get your 'secret' number.  We should know within a few days if we got any of our pieces.  They also create a fabulous agendas with photos of all the art that was available for bid/purchase.

We always buy an agenda, and bid on several pieces of art.

 We actually purchased the 3rd piece in from the left, the dirt road leading out in the country, last year.

Well there you go!  A new blog post!  and something new and interesting!

Oh, and the the Bolshoi Ballet is coming next week, our cooking group is cooking to an ocktoberfest theme, we bowl nearly weekly, then the Havana Ballet Festival, our wine group's monthly binges er tastings, The Yucatones are playing again, Merida's new Theatre Groups first production is coming, a Horse Fair in Sucila,, dia de los muertos, the Bloggers Conference...the list goes on and on, how can I be short of things to blog about?

and what about the partial unfinished posts, and the photos that need the stories, and, and, and

OH - the 1st part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is due out Nov. 19th - I am just beside myself over this... Just last week I watched The Half Blood Prince, and I just finished reading The Deathly Hallows, OK I think I'm ready to see the movie!  Well there is time to read the book again!

oh, I need to rest!