azotadores, Megalopyge Opercularis, tree asp, flannel moth, pussy moth

So these are the guys I posted in the previous post asking help in identifying.

Well several of you knew exactly what they are and issued warnings to be careful.  
So careful we were!

  Here are I belive 16 of them; we picked them out of the tree with kitchen tongs.

There are still a few more in the tree.

Eeek , very scary!   This thing was coming at me!

oufff, just look at em! blimey!

Here I rolled some of them over, scary!

Look at those little tufts, they are almost cute aren't they!

Even though I didn't really want to, we ended up flushing these guys.  I was just too worried about us or the dogs getting stung; especially since they were falling on to the patio...