Gads - more technology woes!

I want to go back to the days of two cans with a string - this technology crap is giving me a headache.

So now the big fancy ass just over a year old laptop computer can't connect to the internet wirelessly. The NIC card is visible in my hardware config, but I get the "wireless network connection 2 adapter" error message.

We don't really need this laptop to be wireless, it sits here on the desk all the time. And the little one that I use frequently still connects wirelessly so we're good to go.

EXCEPT - and there really is always the EXCEPT clause isn't there!

Our VONAGE, you know, voip phone, US number than rings while travelling anywhere in the world!

Well our VONAGE adapter needs to be direct wired (ethernet). We have an adapter for that, it gets the ethernet cable/signal from our cable wireless modem, which has 1, yes 1 ethernet port!

So it is either the computer or the phone plugged in - only one at a time!   
And our computer is on practically ALL THE TIME!
I think I have found a suitable, and fairly inexpensive work around!

I'm going to get a 5 port ethernet switch! Cool hunh!

Well that is AFTER we check with Cablemas, our cable provifder, to see if they offer a 2 port modem.  However, if they don't with the switch,  Just plug the ethernet from the modem into the switch, then up to 5 ethernets out to their various needs, in my case phone and computer.

 And here I thought today was going to be my veg out and do nothing day!