so what's the difference between a flauta and a burrito - the tightness of the wrap!

So this morning I am just awake, laying in my hammock rolled up like a flauta in my comforter and enjoying the warm snuggliness of it when the doorbell rings.  

Now we routinely have schoolkids ring the doorbell as the walk by, but that's always the 10-15 year olds that pass by at lunchtime.  At 7am its the young kids being    walked to school so this was quite unusual.

There it goes again; ok it's someone that really wants to speak to us.  

So I get my legs over the edge of the hammock and stand up - it's all I can do to keep from falling over I am so tightly wound in my comforter. I start sort of hopping as I am trying to disentangle, Tom, seeing this,  gets up and slips on a pair of pants and answers the door; we have one of those little doors that you can open to reveal just a face.  By then I am loose but not yet free, a few more Houdini like moves and I am out just as Tom walks past on his way back to bed and says "...its for you!"

I go to the door - it's the newspaper delivery guy.   I get the Diario de Yucatan delivered to  my house Thursday through Monday.  The only days I don't get it are Tuesday and Wednesday.

The delivery guy explains to me about my delivery dates and then says its Wednesday well, miercoles!  I shouldn't be getting a paper.

So what happened was he had accidently slipped the paper under my door on the wrong day and wanted it back!

Tonight I'm a burrito.......just in case!