Bacon Flavored Gum

Tom cooked bacon this morning!

He had asked me earlier if I wanted an egg, or anything for breakfast, to which I replied "No Thanks".

I wasn't hungry and was out on the patio hosing off the dust and puppy detritus; you know, chewed up leaves, sticks, skinned tennis balls, pieces of things I don't want to touch....

Then I went out to water the garden.

  As I returned to the house I could smell it!  There is absolutely nothing like it!   Who in the world ever conceived of taking this useless fatty bit of dead pig, curing it, smoking it, and frying it up?  Bless You!

I'm not big on eating meat, not that I don't like it!  Because I Do.  I don't eat it often because of what is required on the part of the animal. 

Oh but Bacon, Die Pig!

I know there are artificial bacon bits, bacon from soy, ...and I have used those things, and they are a poor substitute!  

But, oh, real greasy fatty fried bacon.  YUM!

Why hasn't someone come up with bacon flavored gum?
OH, But They Have!

Check out this link


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