you shouldn't be reading this

Today (4 March 2011) is Digital Detox Day, well according to an article I was reading, Online, on my Online subscription to UTNE Reader. 

This National Day of Unplugging (NDU) is the effort by a group called Reboot to restablish, with a modern twist, Jewish traditions of Shabbat, or Day of Rest.  It has been modernized in another way to include all peoples. 

I applaud the tenents of this relatively new movement; This is their second year. 

The 25-hour period is guided by Reboot’s Sabbath Manifesto,
which encourages a weekly “time-out” following ten principles:

1) Avoid technology;
2) Connect with loved ones;
3) Nurture your health;
4) Get outside;
5) Avoid commerce;
6) Light candles;
7) Drink wine;
8) Eat bread;
9) Find silence;
10) Give back.

One humorous observation I make is all the ways you can be reminded to unplug that come to you through your digital technology devices.  They offer text messages to your cellphone, tweets,  facebook reminders....

Ah well I really do like the premise - the whole idea of connecting with people, getting back to basics, oufff, but avoiding technology,  um, errr, I don't think so....

Today is Digital Detox Day - you shouldn't be reading this - go outside, play with the dog, the kid, have lunch in the park with a friend, take a long walk and enjoy the day.

Or, like me, sit in front of your computer answering emails reading all your favorite blogs!