Friend Jonna has made Tepache a number of times.
Tom and I have been invited to share in it with her a few times,   Uber Yummy!  She tends to make a quite alcoholic version that is best treated as a digestive.

Pineapples are incredibly cheap right now so I decided to try my hand at making Tepache!
I've also been noting quite a few trici-vendors with the big blue and orange striped barrels advertising Tepache; tis the season I guess!  

Tepache is a fermented, often alcoholic, drink made with pineapple; skin and all.  I am unclear in my memory of Jonna's recipe, and I thought she had blogged it....not being able to find a blog by Jonna on Tepache
I Googled, don't you just love Google, Tepache and came up with a number of plausible recipes of varying degree of alcohol content.  I decided that since it is killer hot right now something more refreshing than intoxicating was in order and selected the following recipe from Pati's Mexican Table:

1 ripe pineapple or about 3 cups
4 liters water or 16 cups
1 pound piloncillo or dark brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick
5 whole cloves
1 cup lager beer

TO PREPARE - Using the traditional big eathenware jug (or a large pot), bring to a boil the 16 cups water along with the piloncillo, cinnamon stick, and whole cloves.  Simmer, stirring once in a while, for about 10 minutes or until the piloncillo has dissolved.

While the water is simmering, wash the pineapple thoroughly, and remove the stem and bottom.  Cut it into 2 inch cubes, without taking off its rind.

Once the flavored water is ready, add in the pineapple chunks and cover.  Let rest for 2 days, or 48 hours, in a warm area of you kitchen.  The mixture will begin to ferment and bubble on the surface.  Add a cup of lager beer, stir well, and let it sit for up to 12 hours more.  Don't let it ferment much longer, or you may end up with vinegar instead!

Strain tepache through a fine strainer or cheesecloth, and serve very cold.  You can either refrigerate it, or serve over ice cubes.

Today I added the beer, which I think is more for the increased fermentation that the alcohol - so tomorrow we see how it worked - I have to say it is really fermenting!   Gads, it smells horrible!  But it is all bubbly.

So here is my pineapple, piloncillo (dark sugar), and stick canela (cinnamon).
and here is my dissolved liquid, and cubed pineapple.
I don't have a traditional Tepache jarra, but I do have my grandma's old lemonade crock!

And here you have the first glass of Tepache, Cool and Refreshing, NOT!  Just a bit too much fermented flavor for my taste!  I will definitely be trying a different recipe!