Tom and I are undergoing a second session of detox!

We've had company, twice, in a month!   
When we have company we get off our routine; we eat more, we drink more (and no I don't mean water), we party and play more!

Now don't get me wrong, we love when friends visit; we just get off our routine and then have a bit of decompression and detox to deal with once they leave!

In addition, with this last guest, Kathryn, aka Bubbles, from Durango Colorado I apparently got some sand fleas or sand chiggers or whatever you call them while at the beach one day.  It's getting better but oh my frickin gosh the itchiness was making me a bit insane.  Around both ankles so I'm thinkin while taking in the scenery and beers sitting under a palapa -
this would be Bubbles!

I am the only one though, neither Tom nor Kathryn got them! HMMMMMMMMM!   Anyway, I tried lots of different things, and found a Neem, emu oil, and lavender ointment to be the one that worked.   The itchiness and raised bumps are gone, but the discoloration remains.

And add to that the heat, yee gads!  Fortunately most of the time Kathryn, our last guest was here the weather was pretty good, hot days but the nights cooled off nicely, but for her last few days it was HOTTT, and no evening cooling.

Ah well, it's May, the rains will start soon!