Resort Review - Catalonia Royal Tulum - Alegria Spa

Alegria Spa

Day 2 of our trip found me sitting peacefully on the beach in the shade reading a book and Suk getting a full body massage. Which she said was "Very Good".

Victor spends his days at the resort approaching guests and extolling them on the virtues and benefits of utilizing the resorts spa services. He tells you a bit about the services and points out the current specials. Sometimes he has with him one or two of the Spa Technicians and a massage chair and offers you a free 5 minute neck massage.

Day 3 found us once again talking with Victor and on this day he sold each of us on a spa service ''Deal". Suk signed up for a Hot Stone Massage (80minutes), and I selected a package that included a facial (25minutes), exfoliation (50minutes), and neck and shoulder massage (25minutes). We couldn't get in till Day 4, which meant we had to be very careful about the sun. Not like we weren't anyway; neither of us lay in the sun, we sit in the shade, with sunscreen.

So Day 4, 12:30 finds us at the Spa, which is lovely, and includes a small gym, steam room, sauna, hot tubs, and the spa service area.

The Rest Area

We were each introduced to our Technicians, Juventino for Suk, and Lisette for me, and directed to the changing room where we were issued our locker key and informed to disrobe, don the robe contained in our locker and enter the 'Rest' area. Now Suk, being 5 ft tall and under 100lbs fit nicely in the robe, I on the other hand being 5'7" and well over 100lbs was not quite contained in the robe. A lovely robe VERY thick and heavy; would have been perfect in Chicago in January, but May on the Riviera Maya, NO!

So off to our respect treatment rooms.

After my treatment I was told I could rest in the Rest Area, have a cool drink, etc. Well except that I had to pinch the robe together to keep the other spa service folks from seeing things they had no interest in seeing. So off to the changing are I went. I dressed then returned to the Rest Area to wait for Suk.

Suk was very disappointed in her Hot Stone Massage. Because of her work she has a lot of stress in her neck and shoulders; and even though she was told the Hot Stones relieved this type of tension, and even though she was having her Hot Stones with Juventino who had given her her massage 2 days previous and had done a fabulous job, the Stones did not do what she had wanted. So what a rotten way to end a fabulous stay!

My package was a bit disappointing although Lisette did a fabulous job; I can't blame her, but must take myself to task for not asking more questions. The brochure gave very brief descriptions and I guess I just projected what I wanted into that. The massage part was great, Lisette has very strong hands and was just starting to break down some of my knots and tension when she had to stop and move on to the next step - The exfoliation, was very light. I think it was a sugar scrub. I use a salt scrub and get a deeper exfoliation at home, although I don't typically get my back! The facial was nice, moisturizing, no deep cleansing and/or pore reduction. My face was well hydrated and felt great, but I really wanted a more deep pore cleaning. My fault for not being more specific.

So our trip was a roaring success.

We found that we travel well together, and make good roommates. I think we'll do it again!