Resort Review - Catalonia Royal Tulum - Day 2

So last the entertainment was a Mariachi band and a dance troupe called Raiz/Raices de Mexico who did what they called a Prehispanic Show. It was entertaining, but I'm not sure just how Prehispanic it was, although they did their renditions of several dances I had heard of/seen before. The show overall was entertaining, that's all I'd give it, entertaining.

Today, after sleeping in (till 8:15) we putzed around a bit then headed for the breakfast buffet, I managed to curtail my gluttony and ate only one piece of bacon and that was for my husband!

We headed to find the guy we spoke to yesterday to set ourselves up for some spa services, took us a while to find him, but we are all set!

The grounds here are really quite lovely and you can get a pretty good workout just walking around exploring.  The walkway are  overhung by large trees so the walking is mostly in shade, there are natural areas with small ponds, beautiful plantings, areas to sit...  They have soft music coming out of speakers that look like rocks.  We've encountered critters; coatimundi, black and spiny iguanas, what I was told by a groundsman is a 'ceriquito', don't know if the spelling is correct, by my internet search makes me think it is an Agouti, lots of birds...

I actually participated in a water aerobics class being offered; it's crazy these all inclusive places, they offer all sorts of entertainments for the guests; Do we need entertaining? They have quite a staff of fit, tanned, attractive young'uns to entertain. Offered water aerobics, salsa lessons, volleyball, scuba lessons, catamaran lessons, all sorts of activities, guess it keeps the guests on site rather than having them going out or off property.

The pool area is lovely.

Suk and I prefer to pass out day on the beach

I must say I am impressed with the staff, they are all very well trained, very attentive, friendly, eager to help, actually anticipate,  quite lovely.