The Fairy Tale is Over - Part 2

So after my post this morning I walked over to the farmacia at La Ermita Park, which by the way also has a Consultorio (meaning a Doctor). I explained to said doctor that my spanish is muy basico, and then proceeded to explain in spanish, my symptoms of the past few days; along with telling him I had got/gotten water in my ear last week while in the caribbean waters.

He asked lots of questions, listened to my breathing looked in my ears, down my throat, etc, etc.

He then declared that I had indeed acquired an infection. My ears were a little distended and inflamed, but not horribly, my lungs were clear although my breathing was a bit labored, the back of my throat was very inflamed and coated in mucous, green/yellow icky slimy mucous. OK those weren't exactly his words....

Anyway, I am on antibiotics, anti-inflamatories, and a liquid to break up and cause me to expel all that icky, yucky, slimy mucous. So I'm just warning you, in case we find ourselves locked in a small room together...

So the consulta, and 2 prescriptions (a box of 12 500mg Amoxicilina, and a bottle of 120ml of Ridin, the mucous buster stuff, I didn't buy the ibuprofin since I already have some at home) came to $170mxp about $15usd.

Sure hope it works!