The Fairy Tale is Over

So after all my High Living, I have returned home to -
well, to less than the fairy tale life.

First, no room service, no bed turndown with chocolates, no luscious buffet,....

AND I've caught a cold or is it allergies? Let's see!

Allergies vs Cold Symptoms: Which Do I Have?

Symptoms Airborne Allergy Coldmy responses
Fever Never Rareseems like it at times, course it could be the humidity
Headache Rare Rareyes
General Aches, Pains Never Slightyes
Fatigue, Weakness Sometimes Sometimesyes, or could be my lazy nature
Extreme Exhaustion Never Never
not really
Stuffy, Runny Nose Common CommonYES
Sneezing Common CommonYES
Sore Throat Sometimes CommonYES
Cough Sometimes Common, hackingjust started this morning
Chest Discomfort Rare Mild to moderatea little, and some difficulty breathing

OK, so I'm going to have to go with Cold for now, and stop by the Farmacia for a MD consult and suggestions.

And then yesterday, I had a HORRIBLE dental experience. I have little cuts on my gums and tongue from a misplaced dental drill, and the molar that was being hacked away is to small for a temporary crown so is all nubbed down and sore and it hurts, and I can't chew because the gum is all sore, whine, whinge, sniff, sniff, snort, snort...
the permanent crown is anticipated for next wednesday, fingers and toes crossed everybody.

But on the up side I am back home, in my hammock, I can get in my own pool, naked, I have the pups, the cat, and the birds back. I've been having fun with friends, and am making plans for other fun stuff coming up....

So, all in all, Life is good!