Resort Review - Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraíso

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraíso is sheer luxury and opulence. A place in Mexico where adults come to enjoy new heights in luxury.  This is how the write up on the internet starts, and it is correct.

Once again, I find myself living in the lap of luxury - 
The Iberostar Grand is FABULOUS!  This is where I want to live!

Our friends, the she of the couple is a travel agent, and one of the percs is that when you sell certain properties they gift the agent with comps!  And the Iberostar was incredibly generous in that they let our friend bring guests!  And even more fortunate for us, our friends daughter and her husband were unable to accompany them,   BONUS! SCORE! Sometimes being number 2 is OK!

We arrived at the Grand just moments after a heavy thunderstorm,  No problem, the entry is covered and they have in addition to bellmen, valet parking!   They take your keys, give you a return call ticket, and a cool towel to refresh yourself as you are gently guided to the lobby.  Oh Yeah!   I'm definitely liking this!

So we are getting all registered and up comes, oh no, not a bellman, but our Butler, yes, at the Iberostar Grand each section has a Butler. Alberto walked us to our room, pointing out items of interest along the way, as we walked he let us know that anything we needed or wanted we should contact him; I inquired of a soft pillow, he made a note and I had it a short time later. Tom inquired over some dark beer as all that was available in the mini bar were lights, they too arrived shortly; cable for the internet, not a problem. Oh Yeah, I could live like this!

the lobby!

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is elegant. It reminds us of The Venetian in Las Vegas. Gilt, and Gold, and painted ceilings, and lovely furnishings, and big open rotundas, some with space open to the out of doors, some with seating..

Long lovely walkways to get you from one space to another, Art, Sculpture, Floral Arrangements....

There are golf carts to move you around, or shuttle buses if you need to leave the property. All the staff speak several languages. You can't tell what country you are in. There really is nothing to let you know you are in Mexico. Even the extensive plantings could be from anywhere! Quite the warp for your mind!

Tom and I never left the Resort grounds. 
We hung out mostly at the Serenity Pool. OH!, there are 3 separate pool areas. 

The Main pool which is huge, and salt water, and has fountains, swim up bar, lounges sitting in shallow water, and, and, and...

There is the Serenity Pool that is quite large also, has chlorinated water, and jacuzzis at either end; warm on one end, cool on the other. This area is a 'Quiet' space, soft voices, no music.

And then there is the Spa Pool, indoors, but with a retractable roof, Soothing music, Steam Rooms, Saunas, Gym, Spa Services, Juice Bar, Spinning Classes......

Oh Yeah, I could live like this!

There are a number of restaurants and buffets. I'm not going to gush over the food, with the exception of our night at the Japanese Restaurant, the food was all very good!

What makes this Resort so EXCELLENT - It's the Service, Yes, Service with a CAPITAL 'S'. Oh my gosh! Every time we returned to our room someone had been in and straightened it up. In the evening the wool rugs were stowed and linen throws were down for our feet, Our bed was remade and turned down, the comforter and decorator pillows were stowed and linen covered covers and pillows were added, essential oil candles were burning, fresh towels every time we used one, if we drank a beer, it was replaced.....

As you move through the complex everyone greets you, smiles, is accessible...

There are also the entertainment events, but the invitations were more subtle, and appreciated. We went to a Boogie Nights Music with Dance show which was really quite good, there was an outdoor Lounge Party with Live music at the Main Pool where you could drink, and dance, and meet other guests... There was archery, cooking classes, wine tastings, darts, pingpong, and other stuff - to many to remember.

Oh, and then there are the rooms! 

ummmm, free mini bar!

Oh Yeah - I Could Live Like this!